Soca canyoning

The Soca valley in Slovenia is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, especially in the summer. It offers a wide range of outdoor activities and other experiences. If you choose the right place, for example the town of Bovec, you can find a complete set of all kinds of adrenaline and other outdoor activities in one place, tailored to your needs.

Among the most popular tourist attractions in Bovec rafting must be mentioned first. It’s the main reason of visit for many tourists, especially the domestic visitors. In Bovec, rafting is available to everyone, to both beginners and experienced adventurers. It’s definitely worth checking out, as it offers a great experience in every case. Among the main attractions in Bovec, rafting really stands out and can be found on offer at every tourist agency in town.

Some other activities are a bit less prominent, but still offer a great experience around the river Soca. Canyoning is one of the popular alternatives. Because it’s not done right on the river Soca, canyoning offers a bit more relaxing experience away from the crowds. The most attractive are the canyons of the Soca’s tributaries, which will take you deep into the primal nature. The while experience is completely unique and natural, which has always been one of the main advantages of the river Soca Canyoning is thus very attractive for all kinds of visitors, even for the more experienced adventurers.

There are other attractions as well. Not only on the river and in the vicinity, but also in the towns and elsewhere throughout the valley. Even though the outdoor activities are the most popular, you can also enjoy the museums and the cultural offer, unique culinary experiences, and all the other convenient tourist services.