Canyoning Slovenija

With modern means of transportation, the whole world is easily accessible. We can experience new experiences and enjoy the activities that would otherwise stay far beyond our reach. Some of them are limited to certain locations that offer the best combination of favourable factors. If you’re seeking the best place for various adrenaline sports and activities, then Slovenija is just right for you! It’s a small country, but it proudly presents a great variation of landscapes and a well-developed tourist offer.

The rising star among the popular activities is canyoning. Bovec has several attractive rivers and many smaller streams with narrow canyons that are great for canyoning. Bovec is also well prepared for the influx of tourists seeking such activities – there are guided tours and other offers that will leave you completely satisfied. It’s not hard to find the best offer. But where to go canyoning? Bovec is relatively small, so every option is close by. The most attractive offer can be found in the northwest, with the beautiful Soča river and its valley.

The Soča river is also the best choice for other activities. The possibilities are endless, but the most prominent options are kayaking and rafting. Soča is also the place to be if you like other adrenaline sports, not necessarily on the water. Besides kayaking and rafting, Soča supports a wide range of land activities on the slopes of the valley and on the mountains, even in the air if you’re brave enough to try paragliding. And even the water offers some extras – while the most popular activities include kayaking and rafting, Soča is also popular among the adventurers that want to enjoy hydrospeed and some other interesting activities. Or you can just enjoy the summer on the riverbanks like you would at the seaside.